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Hot Waters Heater Equipment

Oil Fired Hot Water Heater Tune & Test

Oil Fired Water Heater Tune & Test Service Plan

Water heaters are usually large metal cylinders found in the laundry room or basement of most homes. The traditional design is a drum full of water, equipped with a heating mechanism on the bottom and thermostatic control to regulate hot water delivery.


Plan Includes:

  1. 12-Point Inspection*
  2. 15% Service Call Discount
  3. Efficiency Report Card
  4. MyHomeEnergyReport™

Combine ANY two full coverage service plan or annual tune & test plan and receive $20 off.

*12-Point Inspection Includes:

  1. Replace Oil Filter
  2. Replace Fuel Nozzle
  3. Check and Clean Retention Head
  4. Clean Blower Fan
  5. Adjust Air Band
  6. Replace Pump Screen & Gasket
  7. Inspect Smoke Pipe
  8. Test Efficiency
  9. Inspect Chimney Base
  10. Brush and Vacuum Heat Exchanger
  11. Check Oil Lines
  12. Check anode Rods