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Heating Oil Service Plans

We strive to leave our customers with the piece of mind that their home heating equipment will be as reliable and efficient as the day it was purchased.

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Primary Protection Plan


The Primary Protection Plan offers safe and reliable heating at a valued cost. All service and preventative maintenance visits are included; allowing you to enjoy the benefits of worry free heating equipment. This plan covers 2 zones, each additional zone will be covered at $30.00 each.

Max Protection Plan


With the Max Protection Plan, all heating oil service and maintenance visits are included, with 30 additional parts covered. The Max Plan is the ultimate in equipment protection with hydronic water and humidifier part coverage. The Max Plan covers 2 zones, each additional zone will be covered at $30.00 each.

⊗ Coverage by Max Plan

14-Point Inspection ⊗

1. Replace Oil Filter
2. Flush Tank Valve
3. Check and Clean Retention Heads
4. Clean Blower Fan
5. Test and Adjust Air Band
6. Replace Pump Screen and Gasket
7. Inspect Smoke Pipe
8. Test System Efficiency
9. Inspect Chimney Base
10. Inspect Cracks or Failing Tile
11. Flush Low Water Cut-Offs
12. Brush and Vacuum Heat Exchange
13. Check Oil Line for Leaks
14. Replace Oil Burner Nozzle

Controls ⊗

Triple Aquastat
Cad Cell Relay
Draft Regulator (Up to 7)
Emergency Switch
High Limit Control
Low Limit Control
Primary Control
Riello Control
Riello Coupling
Riello Pump
One Non-Programmable Thermostat

Warm Air System ⊗

Blower Belt
Fan Control
Limit Control

Fuel Supply ⊗

Fire Matic Valve
Fuel Filter Cartridge
Fuel Filter Complete
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Strainer

Burner Replacement ⊗

Burner Coupling
Nozzle Line
Burner Fan
Burner Flange Gasket
Buss Bar Transformer Leads
Cad Cell Assembly
Cad Cell Eye
Electrode Assembly
Ignition Transformer
Nozzle (Up to 2.5 gph)
Nozzle Adapter
Burner Motor
Blast Tube

Additional ⊗

Air Vents
Boiler Valves
Standard Chamber
Check Valves (Standard)
Circulators and Zone Valves
Diaphragm Tank (Standard)
Feed Valve
Flue Pipe (First 10”)
Gauge Glass Set
Humidifier Float
Humidifier Motor
Humidifier Pad
Mixing Valve
Steam Relief Valve 15 lb
Purge Valve
Relief Valve 30 lb
Relief Valve 100 XL
Low Water Cutoff
Temperature Gauge
Blower Pulley
Bearing Assembly
Circulator Complete (Standard)
Circulator Motor
Zone Damper Motor
Blower Motor 1/2, 3/4 hp
Nozzle Line Heater
Blast Tube
Circulator Coupling
Back Flow Prevention
Above Ground Oil Lines