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Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit is an in-home assessment performed by trained experts who thoroughly test different areas of your home. The audit will provide you with a report that reveals your home’s energy efficiency level, while at the same time pointing out any health hazards which may be placing you or your loved ones in danger. The purpose of the audit is to educate homeowners about energy conservation and how being more energy conscious can lead to significant savings.

Price Protection

We know that with soaring heating oil costs and tighter budgets, it can be difficult to make ends meat. That’s why we developed our Ceiling Price Plan. It protects you from heating oil spikes with a “ceiling” on the rate you pay for your fuel. So, if the cost of your fuel rises, you never pay more than your ceiling rate. If fuel prices drop below your ceiling rate, your rate drops as well.

Payment Options

We offer several value-added payment options to make your home energy purchases simpler and more convenient.




Below is a list of some of the available rebates for energy efficiency products and services in Connecticut. When you apply for an energy audit with us, one of our representatives will walk you through all the available options. All rebates are subject to terms and conditions.

Government Incentives

Thanks to the Home Energy Solutions (HES) program of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, homeowners now have the opportunity to have trained specialists conduct advanced energy assessments in their homes. These specialists will perform on-the-spot enhancements and repairs, while also offering rebates on insulation, HVAC systems and other related items. The program was started in order to help homeowners live in more energy efficient homes, thus saving on energy bills over time. But the program goes further than assessments and rebates—Connecticut residents can also apply for other benefits such as the improvement or replacement of heating and cooling systems, quality insulation, and a reduction in upfront costs through rebates provided by the Energy Efficiency Fund.