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Clean and safe energy for the home

As a full-service Connecticut propane provider, Valley Energy offers propane delivery, equipment installation and service. Our service team includes propane experts who are fully certified to repair and install all household propane equipment, and our propane equipment suppliers are some of the world’s top manufacturers of high-efficiency equipment. Our goal is to reduce your energy consumption and save you money.  Whether you’re considering propane for the first time or you’re thinking of using it in new ways, Valley Energy has the expertise you need.

When you become a Valley Energy propane customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • Sales and installation of high-quality propane equipment for your propane needs: furnaces, generators, log sets, hot water heaters and much more
  • Propane tank installations
  • Propane plumbing and piping
  • Maintenance plans to keep your propane equipment running reliably and efficiently
  • 24-hour emergency service for heating systems

Automatic propane delivery

Valley Energy’s automatic propane delivery gives you the security of our no-run-out guarantee, which assures that you will always have propane in your tank. We track your supply using a program that combines your propane usage history with recent weather data to estimate your current supply. Deliveries are scheduled to ensure that your home has enough propane to keep you and your loved ones comfortable.

Give us a call to schedule automatic propane delivery or order online.

Propane as part of your overall home energy system

Whether you’re considering improving your insulation, replacing your water heater or adding a new alternative energy system or simply looking to stock up on propane for the winter, Valley Energy’s experienced consultants and home energy auditors can help you determine the best combination of products and services to conserve energy and keep your monthly costs down. We can determine how propane can fit into the bigger picture of your home energy needs.

Propane gas advantages

In recent years, rising energy prices have prompted more interest in alternatives to natural gas and heating oil, including solar, geothermal and propane. Some of our Connecticut customers have used propane gas for many years, while others have more recently discovered propane’s advantages:

  • Versatility. Millions of U.S. households use propane gas for home comfort and utility services, including water heating, space heating, cooking, clothes drying, interior and exterior gas fireplaces, gas grills, pool heaters, generators, gas lamps and patio heaters.
  • Portability. Propane can go anywhere a portable cylinder can be carried or wherever a propane delivery truck can travel to a storage tank.
  • Efficiency. Propane heats much faster than electricity and uses less energy. Every time you replace an electric appliance with a propane appliance you could save 50% or more on the energy used to run that appliance. Propane water heaters are especially efficient, and are able to heat more than twice as much water in an hour as comparable electric models.
  • Durability. Propane equipment and appliances are generally more durable and have lower repair costs than their comparable electrical equipment.
  • Safety. Propane is usable under a wide range of pressures and temperatures and it can be safely used indoors.
  • Environmentally friendly. Propane burns cleaner than heating oil or wood-burning fireplaces, with minimal greenhouse gas emissions and few noxious fumes.
  • Domestic production. Propane is mostly produced domestically and can be obtained from natural deposits or manufactured from organic materials.
  • Easy to install. Propane is easily transportable and available for many applications. It installs easily in any home, no matter what type of fuel source you use for home heating.

Request propane delivery, equipment, installation or service in Connecticut

To request propane gas delivery or service  from Valley Energy or for more information on propane, please contact us today. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service representative will be happy to answer all your questions.