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Understanding the options

Furnace - Savings CouponValley Energy has been installing and maintaining heating equipment for our customers for decades. We have highly trained, licensed and manufacturer certified technicians that provide these services every day. Installing properly sized equipment for your home is critical for optimal performance, safety and energy efficiency. Regardless of what your heating needs are, we can help. Ask us about the benefits of ENERGY STAR rated units that use less energy.

We offer a variety of manufacturer products, for example:

Heat pumps use the same basic refrigeration technology used by air conditioners. During summer, a heat pump removes heat from inside your home and replaces it with cooled air. In the winter, a heat pump releases heat into your conditioned living space rather than into the surrounding environment. When outdoor temperatures drop below 20 degrees or so, a backup heating system such as a boiler or furnace is needed to provide additional heat.

These heating systems are powered by the fuel choices you have made for your home. Boilers and furnaces can be either oil-fired or gas-fired. A heat pump can draw on geothermal energy or outside air.

More information about primary heating systems

More detailed information on different fuel types can be found in our Home Heating and Alternative Energy pages. A Valley Energy home energy audit can also help you learn about your system and identify possible improvements that can save you money.

How do I choose a home heating system?

Valley Energy carries a range of heating equipment in varying levels of cost and efficiency. A Valley Energy consultant can help you decide what you need to make your house comfortable year-round. Contact us for more information.