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Get the warmth you need without raising the thermostat

Sometimes there’s a space that just isn’t reached by your main heating system. This may be the garage, a basement or a drafty room. Supplemental heating equipment can help you get warmth where you need it without raising the thermostat.  Supplemental heating equipment includes:

Increasing your fireplace’s efficiency

Fireplaces are typically not very efficient. They can draw warm air out of the room and up the chimney. When temperatures are below freezing, a fireplace can exhaust more energy than it creates.

Fireplace inserts are designed to increase a fireplace’s efficiency.  Inserts are a steel or cast iron box fronted by insulated glass and inserted into the front of your fireplace. This creates a system that releases heat into the room and prevents it from escaping. Inserts can be powered by propane, gas, electricity, wood, pellets or coal.

Ordering supplemental heating equipment in Connecticut

Whether you know what you want and where you want it, or if you simply know you are uncomfortable in certain areas of your home, a Valley Energy consultant can help you evaluate what you need, determine where you need it and identify the best equipment to use. Contact us  today to get started.