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Energy Saving Equipment

Energy Saving Devices

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What are energy-saving devices?

Some pieces of equipment can help you achieve a balance between comfort and efficiency in your home or business. These devices include programmable thermostats, boiler heat managers and comfort controls.

Getting started with energy-saving devices

The best way to start saving energy is to get an energy audit from Valley Energy. Once you have an energy audit report, you’ll have a personalized prescription for how to save energy and improve your home’s efficiency. Your audit report may suggest new insulation, air sealing, an HVAC tune-up, or energy saving devices. Without an audit, you may be spending money in the wrong places.

Valley Energy can help you to find the right set of products and accessories to maximize your comfort and help you save more by using less. Give us call or contact us via email to schedule your home energy audit.

Interest in smart thermostats?

Valley Energy offers a wide variety of smart thermostats including:

If you are interested in a smart thermostat or would like more information, please contact us.