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Ductless air systems vs. central air conditioning systems

We get a lot of questions about ductless and central air conditioning systems. The main difference between a ductless air system and a central air conditioning system is that the air delivery is either at one location (ductless) or distributed via ducts (central).


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Ductless AC uses an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor unit. However, unlike a central air unit, which cools the entire house, ductless air conditioners are a “zone” solution. This means the air where the air handler is located will be cooler than other rooms in a home. This can be a money-saving solution since air conditioners can be used only where and when they are needed.  Valley Energy offers a variety of ductless heat pump options. Our signature product is by LG.

LG  – Ductless Heat Pumps, models from 9,000 BTU to 24,000 BTU


– use ducts, or large tubes, to distribute cold air. As the air circulates, it warms and then returns to the air handler and the outdoor compressor to be cooled again.  Valley Energy offers an array of manufacturers that will fit your needs and budgets. Our signature product is by Lennox.

Lennox – Central Air – Merit Series, Elite Series, Signature Series

Valley Energy can help you determine which choice is the best fit for your home or business. Contact us today.